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With the current growth of technology, it’s important for software to be built with adaptability in mind. Different forms of data, applications and systems combine to serve the increasingly challenging tasks among organisations. It’s in this environment that API-led solutions can go a long way.

Mulesoft is one such avenue for businesses looking to bring their systems together to form a more cohesive IT infrastructure.

Mulesoft integration can connect data sources, APIs, and applications through its integration software. Its Anypoint platform is made to bring together SaaS products with on-premises software. The platform is also one of the leading API integration and management platforms in the market.

MuleSoft solutions from Syntegrity

Realise the full potential of your digital infrastructure with MuleSoft and Syntegrity Solutions. A specialist IT consultancy, Syntegrity Solutions provides the support organisations need to more effectively integrate MuleSoft technologies into their business.

A fully end-to-end service, our experienced and IBM and MuleSoft certified consultants will analyse your business’ goals and context before designing, architecting and building a custom solution drawing on the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Talk to our consultants today to learn how Mulesoft ESB could help you move from data points to actionable insights sooner.

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

This is Mulesoft's latest platform for designing and building APIs and integrations. The platform lets users conveniently integrate into existing systems, regardless of the technology utilised. It also transforms data automatically using machine learning-based recommendations, tests your APIs and integrations, and plugs your enterprise integrations into CI/CD pipelines with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins.

With Anypoint Platform, you can accelerate development speed by reusing prebuilt APIs, connectors, templates, examples, and other integration assets. It allows you to collaborate more effectively with teams by rating and commenting on any asset to improve quality. The platform enables you to build a customised, branded API portal to increase API engagement and adoption.

Some of these offerings that are included in the Anypoint Platform:

  • Anypoint Security
  • Protects systems and minimises security threats. It also helps maintain data integrity and protect APIs and endpoints.
  • Anypoint Studio
  • This is a drag and drop graphical design environment that lets you create integrations conveniently.
  • CloudHub
  • CloudHub is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that helps forgo the hassle of custom code when it comes to enabling reusable integration applications.
  • DataWeave
  • With little coding, DataWeave can deliver visual designs of complex data transformations for Mule flows.

Why choose Syntegrity as your Mulesoft integration partner?

  • We’re a MuleSoft certified partner, which means we have the expertise you need for your integration efforts
  • Utilisation of integration best practices thanks to our experience in the field
  • Our in-depth technical expertise aligns MuleSoft solutions with your business requirements
  • We provide an end-to-end service via strong relationships with our stakeholders

Our consultants will help you formulate an implementation strategy for your organisation based on existing systems and processes. Following which, we will provide a smooth and effective adoption of Mulesoft technologies throughout the development lifecycle. Syntegrity will continue to provide support as a Mulesoft implementation partner after implementation in order to guarantee a satisfactory experience in the long term.

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