Managed services

Managed Services

Ease the burden of costly infrastructure investments by making the most of Syntegrity’s specialist product knowledge.

Our experienced operations team will improve your system availability and reliability and provide continuous support.
Partnering with IT infrastructure specialists Advent One, we offer a managed service for IBM’s Integration Bus and Connectivity products – hosted on your premises or in the cloud. Products include:

  • IBM : DataPower | MQ | Integration Bus | API Management and more.

With multiple levels of support, simply choose a plan that suits.

Bronze support

Silver support

Gold support

Australian-based front desk

M-F business hours

M-F business hours

M-F business hours

Configure and manage system alerts

Administer and support all hardware

Perform firmware updates and patching

Maintain security compliance

(keys and certificates)

Investigate system errors

Within 2 business days

Within 4 hours

Within 1 hour

Monthly proactive monitoring report

Optional extra

Log and deal with IBM support calls to resolution

Backup of service

Upon system change

Upon system change

Upon system change

Next-day response to support call outside hours

Support schedule

10 hours, five days a week

16 hours, five days a week

24 hours, seven days a week

All plans include an Australian-based front desk team as well as standard maintenance and support processes.

Bronze plan The Bronze plan is the starter plan that provides 10 x 5 support for the managed service. We aim to respond to issues within two business days and there is an optional extra monthly proactive monitoring report.

Silver plan The Silver plan is the typical plan with 16 x 5 support and a response time of four business hours for an issue. The monthly proactive monitoring report is included as standard.

Gold plan The Gold plan is our premium managed service with 24 x 7 support and a response time of one business hour for an issue. This plan suits business-critical systems when the customer can’t afford any downtime.

The Benefits

  • Minimised capital expenditure on hardware
  • Specialist knowledge across the entire service – no need for an internal team
  • Friendly Australian-based front desk and IT support
  • Flexibility for supporting and managing your systems
  • Guaranteed compliance and software upgrades across the system

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