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IBM Consulting Services

With today’s level of dependence on technology, it’s crucial that businesses ensure operations are optimised to function more efficiently and at a higher productivity while maintaining business continuity and enhancing customer experiences.

It’s also important to verify that businesses aren’t hindered from disruptions. For this, businesses should be able to defend, maintain availability and recover quickly when faced with a disruption. IBM solutions cater to these requirements while facilitating multiple business environments including private cloud and on-premises, public cloud, traditional data center environments, to name a few.

IBM offers a plethora of technologies and solutions for businesses around the world. As such, it’s important that these services are facilitated by a trusted IBM Business Partner. We at Syntegrity are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best of what IBM has to offer.

IBM Technologies

Through Syntegrity, we bring you the power of IBM technologies to your fingertips. Our offerings as an IBM service provider include but not limited, to the following.

  • App Connect Enterprise (ACE)
  • Formerly known as IBM Integration Bus (IIB) (and prior to that WebSphere Message Broker), ACE connects different applications together and enables communication among these applications regardless of varying message formats or protocols. This is essentially an enterprise bus that offers a communication channel for all your applications in a service-oriented architecture environment.

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  • IBM MQ
  • IBM Messaging Queue (MQ) has the ability to transport any data as messages. This allows businesses to utilise flexible and reusable architectures. IBM MQ is a communications layer that helps companies manage the flow of messages both from, to and Inside the organisation

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  • DataPower
  • IBM DataPower Gateways provide a multichannel gateway that aims to simplify your integration experience. Through IBM DataPower, organisations are equipped with enterprise-grade security and other capabilities like transport protocol bridging, database connectivity, mainframe connectivity and content-based routing, to name a few.

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  • IBM API Connect
  • IBM API Connect is a scalable API platform that lets users create, manage and monetise APIs across clouds in a secure environment. The platform offers a range of capabilities including socialising APIs, relying on automated no-code testing to produce high-quality APIs, accelerating API developer productivity with simplified methods and a built-in toolkit, to name a few.

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IBM Business Partner

We’re proud to be one of the select few to be able to offer enterprises in Australia with IBM technologies and services. Being an IBM Business Partner means that we’re there with you every step of the way in your business optimisation journey with IBM. Whether it’s consultancy or a reliable IBM service provider, our experts at Syntegrity Solutions are here to be of service.

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