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Security is of paramount importance in today’s business environment. The increased dependence on technology for all vital operations is an indication that there needs to be a greater focus on security. As an official IBM business partner, Syntegrity Solutions bring all the capabilities of IBM security to address your organisational needs.

Implement the best security practices

Syntegrity Solutions is a verified IBM Business Partner for IBM. This means we offer numerous IBM solutions and services to organisations with varying business needs. As part of IBM security offering, the following services are available to all our customers.


IBM DataPower is a multichannel gateway that aims to simplify integration needs for a company’s digital operations while addressing the security requirements. Through DataPower, organisations are equipped with enterprise-grade security and other capabilities like transport protocol bridging, database connectivity, mainframe connectivity and content-based routing, to name a few.

What you can achieve with DataPower

An adaptable technology designed to flex to meet the individual needs and use cases of your business, DataPower provides the utility modern enterprise needs to future-proof their operations. Engage in deep content introspection at wire speeds, build a robust XML firewall to protect your infrastructure or route and aggregate data at speed based on service and application-level information, all with DataPower.

Cutting-edge technology delivering real benefits to your organization Syntegrity Solutions helps integrate DataPower into your business, allowing you to realise the full value of this transformative technology. Equipped with enterprise-grade security and designed for reduced cost and complexity, DataPower’s drop-in gateway technology delivers a solution that’s as convenient as it is secure. Advanced operations console allows near real-time visibility of operations, speeding up troubleshooting and allowing faster access to crucial insights.

The Syntegrity Solutions advantage

Safeguarding enterprise data and critical operations against cyber threats is a never ending task, particularly for enterprises. As such, specialist assistance is important in keeping a company’s IT infrastructure updated. This is where a reliable partner is crucial for effective security consulting. Partnering with Syntegrity consulting means you get what IBM has to offer while integrating cybersecurity into the business strategy and processes.

As part of the IBM partner ecosystem, Syntegrity Solutions brings all of IBM Security solutions and services to your fingertips. We’re also a specialist IT consultancy with a background in designing and implementing enterprise solutions via the IBM Cloud and IBM Security suites. Joining hands with Syntegrity will offer you the best of both worlds.

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