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SME Service


With our extensive and in-depth product expertise, we at Syntegrity Solutions get the best results for our clients. With a wide range of partnerships, we choose the right product for the project, ensuring your success.

We specialise in:

IBM: DataPower | API Connect | Integration Bus | MQ | ACE | Cloud Paks | Cloud Private
MuleSoft: ESB | API Management | Data Integration | DevOps | SOA | Microservices
Microsoft: Azure | Forefront Identity Manager | Threat Management Gateway
Open Source: SimpleSAML PHP | Apache Camel | Ansible | Puppet | CloudFormation
Dashboards: Splunk | ELK

IT Support Services

IT Support Services

IT Support Services - An experienced operations team improves system availability and reliability. This is done through a combination of proactive and continuous support. We offer a variety of pre-paid support services across the IBM Integration and Connectivity products. This can be hosted on the client's premises or in the cloud. Ease the burden of large infrastructure expenditures and the lack of specialist product knowledge.

Our support services extend to:
IBM: DataPower | MQ | Integration Bus | API Connect
and more.

Monitoring Solutions


Monitoring your integration middleware is integral to proactive management of your system and details how it is performing.

It is essential for modern technology and especially for enterprise systems. Monitoring your systems allows you to measure and validate the performance, availability and capacity planning of your system ensuring a better system up time and business outcomes overall.

We provide an IBM Integration and Connectivity Monitoring solution that utilises adapters and established dashboards such Splunk or ELK.

IBM: IIB and MQ monitoring
System Components: Java heap size, file age, memory usage and many more
Customisable: we can help monitor multiple aspects of your system, just ask us how.

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