How does Amazon release fixes every 11 seconds without it breaking?

How does Amazon release fixes every 11 seconds without it breaking?

By Christine Medley

It’s the age old question, how can we reduce the time spent on a project and still maintain the quality? That question is never easy to answer. At the start of each project we need to decide which approach to take and what the project objectives are at the start. This is where multi-modal IT comes in. But what is multi-modal IT? Multi-modal IT allows us to dictate different delivery speeds and processes based on the speed and agility needed for each project. But how do we know if we need speed? Or do we need control? Or if we choose speed, how can I get quality as well?

We look at companies like Amazon and hear that they deliver a fix or upgrade every 11 seconds! 11 SECONDS! How can they achieve this without breaking the entire site every time? Trust. Quality. And speed. The commonly used waterfall approach is tried and trusted. But it won’t give you speed. You know this as your last project took years to deliver. You had multiple people to get sign off from. The teams were all in control of their own piece of the pie. You got control, but it took you a while to get there.

The other way to approach it all is through agile and scrum. Once thought that to be the new kids on the block, we can now see that there is outstanding success of these approaches across multiple clients. Amazon, Facebook and Google to name a few. But these companies are huge! They have the best people at their disposal.

But why choose one approach or the other? Both of these approaches has it’s time and place. There are some systems that require control and quality. The waterfall approach allows that. However, your users, your clients need speed. They want it done yesterday. Therefore, using both approaches are feasible. Multi-modal IT shows that the slow and steady still competes with the fast and beautiful.

Pick your style.

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Christine Medley is the Consulting Product Manager at Syntegrity Solutions, a specialist IT consultancy that focuses on digital innovation enablement. She has over 10 years experience in the IT industry and has consulted on enterprise integration and connectivity including top-tier banks and major retail companies.

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