IBM Cloud Pak for Integration V2020.2 on Azure - Part 4

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration V2020.2 on Azure - Part 4

By Colin Lim

Welcome to the fourth blog of our series on how to install IBM Cloud Pak for Integration on Azure. In this final post, we walk you through the steps to install IBM Cloud Pak for Integration on Azure.

In this blog series, we have installed the 60 days evaluation version of OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)4.4.12 on Azure with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2020. The evaluation version of OpenShift is fully functional.

In Part one of the series, we made sure that all the OpenShift 4 pre-requisites were in place before the OpenShift installation in Azure.

The second blog walked you through how to install OpenShift 4.4.12 with OpenShift IPI installer for Azure with the default configuration.

In the third blog, we showed how to perform a quick install and a customised installation of OpenShift 4.4.12 using the OpenShift IPI installer.

This final blog of the series shows you how to install IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.2 using your IBM entitlement key.

Before we begin

Before you get started, please make sure you have completed all the steps from the first and second posts. We'll see you back here once you have completed all those steps.

Verify the OpenShift Install

Log in to OpenShift console

To log in, use the details provided by the installation output.


The version of the OpenShift cluster we have installed is 4.4.12.


Log in to OpenShift CLI

Use the login details drop down “Copy Login Command


Login with the “oc login –token….”


Check the master and workers are registered in OpenShift and active

From the CLI


From the OpenShift console


Inspect the CP4I Azure Resources

Get the Azure Resource Group

From the az cli, execute az group list –query "[].id" -o tsv


From the Azure portal


Note: the Openshift resource group is prefixed with the Cluster id ocp4 in this demo.

List the Azure VM

From the az cli, execute az vm list -g <resource group name> –query "[].id" -o tsv


From the Azure portal


List all the resources in the Azure RG

From the az cli, execute az resource list -g <resource group name> –query "[].id" -o tsv


From the Azure portal


PreRequisites for Cloud Pak Installation

Before with begin the install, we are

  • Creating a new OpenShift project to host the operators and the CP4I runtime instances;
  • Registering the IBM entitlement key to the new project in order to enable the download of the CP4I images;
  • Enabling the operators available to the local OpenShift operator marketplace.

Create a New Project

This is just a standard OpenShift project.


Add IBM Cloud Pak Entitlement Key

You can obtain the entitlement key from IBM Container Library.


Register the Cloud Pak Operators

Create two yaml files with the following details.

File 1 - opencloud-operator.yaml


File 2 - ibm-operator-catalog


Apply the yaml files.


Verify that the IBM catalogs are available.


Installing CP4I

Subscribe to the IBM Common Services Operator


Subscribe to the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Operator


Verify the Installation

Check the Subscriptions

From the CP4I Console


From the oc cli, check the subscriptions


List the ClusterServiceVersion of the operators.


Check the pods

Check that all the pods in the demo-cp4i project are running


Create the CP4I Console

In order to manage CP4I, we have to create an instance of the platform first.

Create the Platform Navigator Instance

From the installed operator, create an instance of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Platform Navigator.


Accept the default configuration and accept the license by changing its value to true.


We can log in to the platform once the platform navigator is ready.


Get the URL

The URL for the platform is a property of the Platform navigator instance that you have just created. Note the endpoint provided in Platform Navigator UI.


Get the admin initial password

The default password for the admin userid is available by executing the following command.

Execute oc get secrets -n ibm-common-services platform-auth-idp-credentials -ojsonpath='{.data.admin_password}' | base64 –decode \&\& echo ""


Login to the CP4I Platform Navigator

Use the endpoint and password from the previous steps.


The menu bar


The CP4I capabiilties available on the platform


The CP4I runtimes available on the platform



You have installed Openshift Container Platform 4.4.12 and IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.2.1 on Azure!


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Colin Lim is a Director at Syntegrity Solutions with a wide range of experience in integration, microservices, automation and hybrid cloud.

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