Modernising TCS BaNCS with Cloud Pak for Integration

Modernising TCS BaNCS with Cloud Pak for Integration

By Colin Lim

Is your organisation using the BaNCS core banking system?

How are you leveraging your investment to complement your digital transformation strategy?

Are you facing time and cost challenges integrating BaNCS to new business products and existing applications that rely on new technologies?

Syntegrity Solutions has been helping financial institutions extend their core banking investment by integrating it to new financial products and existing in-house applications systems to meet the new customer demands and fast-changing market conditions, since 2014.

Our solution works with BaNCS TCP-based and SOAP-based (Web Services) interfaces. The Cloud Pak for Integration platform can also support all the new industry standard interfaces including REST/JSON to integrate with a new generation of applications including cloud-native SaaS solutions.

Our customers' main use cases are:

a) To share their core banking data to third-party and in-house applications integrating with their internet/mobile banking platform and/or third party Loan Origination System

b) Prepare their core banking system for Open Banking;

c) In Australia, it enables a financial institution to integrate with the New Payments Platform (NPP).

One of the challenges with BaNCS integration is around the performance of the BaNCS services when multiple calls are necessary to obtain the full financial position of a customer (ie data aggregation).

Getting the vendor to build a custom service can be cost and time prohibitive.

All our customers have made a strategic decision to couple their BaNCS with a third-party integration platform, like Cloud Pak for Integration. The strategy not only allows them to orchestrate the multiple calls to the existing BaNCS transactions in a timely and cost-effective manner, but it also opens up the core banking system to the enterprise and their partners.


To improve the performance of the queries, the integration platform can interface with the BaNCS TCP-based transactions to achieve very low latency compared to the traditional Web Service/REST-based interfaces.

The Cloud Pak for Integration platform can easily support existing and custom BaNCS transactions, and with our existing integration framework developed and field-tested over several years, we can easily roll out new integration facade for the current BaNCS transactions.

High availability and failover, multiple deployment options are available, ranging from the traditional active-passive and active-active topology leveraging Redhat OpenShift running on-premises or hosted in a secure private cloud.

The solution includes an out of the box opensource-based monitoring and dashboard component that consists of pre-built monitoring agents, visualisation dashboards and market-leading open-source logging application.

Contact us if you are looking for a tested, cost-effective solution to unleash your BaNCS system. We can also show how you can share the information in BaNCS to meet new business requirements and Open Banking.

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Colin Lim is a Director at Syntegrity Solutions with a wide range of experience in integration, microservices, automation and hybrid cloud.

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