Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Testimonial

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Testimonial

By Paul Hulme, Bendigo Bank

A great example of how Syntegrity Solutions can help your organisation get the best out of its technology. A testimonial from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank that highlights how Syntegrity are true experts in the field.

What Paul Hulme from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank had to say about Syntegrity Solutions.

Syntegrity are true experts in the field.

We brought in the team to help us bridge a technology gap at the bank. We had a pressing project and IBM recommended they come in and help us out.

As an end-to-end technology service they are amazing. While Syntegrity is a smaller company, they’re a registered IBM partner which means the risks are minimal but the rewards are huge.

Working alongside Syntegrity and IBM, our project took six weeks from conception to production. Syntegrity understands what they do, and they do it well, which led to a massive time saving. With another provider it could’ve taken up to six months.

Paul and co know DataPower and API Manager so well that we had complete confidence in what they were doing. We were working with quite cutting-edge technology and the team was on top of it and completely up to date. They can also speak the banking language and importantly, have really strict processes around security and information management.

We absolutely recommend Syntegrity, particularly for anybody venturing into new cloud technologies and especially if there’s a real requirement to maintain brand integrity and customer information security – such as financial institutions, insurance and the medical field.

Syntegrity are absolute masters of their domain. We’ve worked with lots of vendors from overseas and suppliers on all the major tiers. Syntegrity stands among the very best. I unreservedly recommend them.

Paul Hulme, Bendigo Bank

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