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About Syntegrity

Syntegrity Solutions is a specialist IT consultancy that provides digital innovation enablement.

Founded in Melbourne in 2010, Syntegrity Solutions focuses on providing high-quality integration, identity and access management expertise. Our background has been designing and implementing enterprise solutions using the IBM Cloud and IBM Security suites. With our current focus on digital innovation enablement, Syntegrity Solutions enables customers to quickly and securely expose and modify their digital channels through:

  • Improved time-to-market for digital channels
  • Securely expose existing IT infrastructure to digital channels
  • Increased agility allows for marketing-campaign specific apps
  • Integrate cloud applications, infrastructure and platforms with each other and on-premises systems

This allows for innovative products and business models to be created faster within and between companies. We do this by providing solutions for APIs, Integration, Mobile and Security. These solutions are provided using DevOps and Bimodal IT practices which can be delivered on the cloud or as a managed service.

You engage Syntegrity Solutions because:

  • We have vast enterprise experience providing robust, scalable and reliable systems.
  • Our in-depth technical expertise that aligns solutions with business outcomes.
  • Our understanding that each client is different and requires an adaptable solution.
  • We provide a start-to-finish solution through strong relationships with vendors, implementation partners and education partners.
  • Our strong internal innovation program allows us to incorporate emerging technologies into solutions.

Syntegrity Solutions has consulted to major banks, multi-national insurance companies, the Australian Commonwealth government, state governments and many more.

We have grown beyond pure services to include product resale, managed services and Syntegrity Innovations, which is our internal product development business unit. We have vendor, implementation and education partners including IBM, AWS, Mulesoft, Microsoft, Loop Technology, BTP+, LearnQuest and AvNet.

Our clients include major banks, regional banks, insurance companies, federal government, state governments and education providers.

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